Muskegon River

The Muskegon River is less than an hour north of Grand Rapids Michigan and it is an awesome river to take a guide trip fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout. The Muskegon River receives a very strong run of Steelhead and the best fishing or time for a guide trip or charter begins in November and continues into May. The Muskegon River has a great variety of water for fish to hide in, depending on the time of year they could be hanging out in the fast runs, slow deep holes, on gravel, or in one of the many pockets that are peppered amongst the gravel bars. The Muskegon River is truly beautiful and it is a great river to take a guide trip on for good numbers of fish. Whether you are looking to Float Fish, Fly Fish, Back Bounce, or Plug Fish this river is suited well for all methods of fishing.

King Salmon fishing on the Muskegon River is usually a little bit later than most of the rivers in Michigan. Mid September through October is usually the time to fish or take a guide trip on the Muskegon River for Salmon. There is tons of spawning water below the Croton Dam and come October there are usually a fair amount of Salmon as well. The Kings that run the Muskegon River average around 15lbs but 30lb monsters are swimming around. Casting crankbaits and flyfishing for these fish will really get your heart pumping!

Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River usually starts up sometime in October and is in full swing by early November during most years.  This river is one of my favorites to fish and guide on for Steelhead, the classic water is fun to work using all methods.  The crystal clear water makes for an awesome display when you hook into a dime bright Steelhead.  This river usually fishes well throughout the winter months and come late March we start to see good pushes of our Spring Steelhead that are heading up to spawn.  Float Fishing is usually our best method for this river for most of the year but Fly Fishing opportunities are usually good come March and April.  The Spring Steelheading usually stays good into the end of April but fishable numbers can still be found well into May and early June. 

The resident Rainbow and Brown Trout fishing on the Muskegon River is pretty hard to beat. The river receives healthy plants of both Rainbow and Brown Trout and there are good numbers of 10-16 inch fish, with some real pigs pushing better than 20 inches. Fly fishing opportunities are great for the brown and rainbow trout, whether you are looking to fish streamers, nymphs, or dries. Fishing rapalas or minnow type baits is also a great way to take huge trout in the spring and early summer. Trout are routinely caught while on Steelhead guide trips as well. Smallmouth Bass fishing can be fantastic on the Muskegon River as well. June, July, and August we charter for Smallmouth Bass along with the Trout. These fish are some of the best fighting fish for their size and are great fun on fly rods, this is a great trip if you are looking to take children out on a guide trip.