Grand River

Fishing Guide - Steelhead, Salmon, Catfish, Bass

The Grand River that runs through Grand Rapids Michigan is one of my favorite rivers to charter fish for Steelhead or guide on, it has excellent fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, and Walleye. Growing up in Grand Rapids our guide service knows the Grand River intimately and we can put you on to the best spots to find these fish. Grand Rapids is the most utilized fishing area on this river but these fish are available in a good part of the rivers length, they can be caught as far up as Lansing in the main-stem, and they can also be caught in many of its tributaries.

The Steelhead fishery on the Grand River can arguably be called the best in the state. The Steelhead usually start arriving decent in October and will fish well into April. Although the mainstream Grand River is too warm to support natural production of Salmon and Trout species there are a number of tributaries that stay cold in the summer months and they pump out a good amount of wild fish. If you are looking to catch big numbers of Steelhead this river is very capable of that if you know where to look. This river is my home water and I have learned its secrets as only a few others have.

The Salmon fishery on the Grand River is also good when it gets going. These fish usually start showing up in early September and will usually keep showing up into late October. The Grand receives healthy plants of both King (Chinook) and Coho Salmon.

The Grand River is probably most noted for the fishing that is done in the urban setting of 6th Street Dam in Downtown Grand Rapids. We do offer guided trips at the dam but we will usually try to fish less pressured more scenic areas of the river. This river is best suited to a power boat so we will fish this river from a 17ft flat bottom river boat. If you are looking for a guide that truly knows how to catch big numbers of fish in the Grand River give Getting Bit Guide Service a call!