March and April are great months to target our Spring Steelhead that are coming in to spawn. During this time we have our fall, winter, and spring steelhead around and is a great time to hit the rivers.

March, April, and May are a good time to target Coho, Kings, Browns, and Lake Trout on Lake Michigan. Usually as early as you can get out on the Lake in the Spring you can go and catch Coho and Lake Trout. We offer trolling and casting trips for the early season Coho and Trout. Browns can be targeted by trolling the shorelines of lake Michigan with spoons or body baits. May is usually when we see our King Salmon show up and this is usually the best time of year to target the Kings out on the Lake. The Kings are feeding like crazy and are in their prime. We usually target May Kings by trolling but jigging and casting can be done as well and can be very productive at times.


June, July, and August we offer Smallmouth Bass and Walleye trips on the rivers. The bite for Smallmouth is usually fast paced if the water conditions are good and Walleye are usually caught as well. This is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather, seclusion, and scenery. Smallmouth are some of the hardest fighting fish for their size and when caught in the river the current works in their favor as well adding to the excitement.

June, July, and August are also good months to go out on Lake Michigan and target our Salmon and Trout species. We offer trolling, casting, and bait fishing depending on the conditions.

Skamania Steelhead are also available during the summer months and are explosive when hooked. These fish are built for speed and they show it when you sink a hook into them, they usually go airborne almost instantly. We offer river and lake fishing trips for these fish depending on where the best fishing is.

River King Salmon are also available during the month of August or earlier. Although the early season usually does not offer the best numbers of fish around the sheer power of the early run fish makes up for the work when you do hook into these fish. Jigging for these Kings in the drowned river mouths is another option this time of year and can be very productive.


Our King Salmon return to the rivers in good numbers during the months of September and early October and these are the largest fish of the year for us. We offer trips on the Pere Marquette, Betsie, Muskegon, and Manistee for Kings. We have jet boats, drift boats, lake boats, and rafts to get you where you need to be to have a good day of fishing. Jigging in the early days of September can be good as well on the drowned river mouths or out near the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

Steelhead show up good in October and these early fish are my favorites to target. These fish are aggressive and beat the crap out of you when hooked, lots of jumps and long runs are the norm. They are in the rivers gorging on salmon eggs and are easy targets when they show up. November and December usually bring in the bulk of our Fall Steelhead and is prime time. We target these fish on the Grand River, Muskegon River, Pere Marquette, White, Rogue, and Manistee with jet boats, drift boats, and rafts.

Lake Trout are available near the lake shore of Lake Michigan. Casting and jigging trips are available for these fish.


Winter is a great time to target Steelhead on our rivers. The fishing is usually good and the scenery is top notch as well. The fish are in the rivers in good numbers and they are concentrated in the winter holes so they are very predictable. This time is your best chance to hook and land a trophy sized Steelhead, we have good numbers and the cold water slows them down a little so they are more manageable to land. Winter Steelhead fishing is a great way to beat cabin fever and is a very peaceful time of year to be out on the river.