Hot Shotting

Hot Shotting or Dropping Back Plugs is a fun and relaxing way of catching fish. At certain times of year this is a great way to put good numbers of fish into the boat, and it is a great guide trip if you just want to sit back and enjoy the outdoors while I do the work. This technique works good for Steelhead, Salmon, and just about anything that swims. The hits on a plug are usually violent, you will see this when the rod starts bucking in the rod holder as if it is going to be ripped off from the boat, usually seconds later you will see the fish behind the boat in the air trying to shake the plug from its mouth. This technique usually seems to take larger fish on average over most of the other methods, the intrusion of the plug in the fishes zone really triggers the largest most aggressive fish. When Hot Shotting we will put out 4 to 6 rods behind the boat with a selection of plugs that are proven for the specific time of year, then you will sit back and watch the rods as I work the boat through the run. I usually bring along at least a few plug rods on most of the trips just in case you want to take a break during our charter and want to just sit back for a minute to relax.