Casting Crankbaits, Spoons, and Spinners is probably the most exciting way to catch big fish. It is a method were you will feel the power of the fish from the first second it commits to violently crushing your crankbait or spinner. If hooking a fresh King Salmon or Skamania Steelhead on a crankbait or spinner does not get your heart pumping then you must not have a pulse! Our guided clients just cannot get enough of this type of fishing. This method is very effective while fishing for fresh run Salmon and can be for Steelhead and other Species as well.

When the fish hits you better hold on tight, the fish are not too happy when they realize that they have bitten something that they shouldn't have. These fish have been known to tear lures in half, snap 30lb braided line, and jump through trees to try and free themselves. While crankbait and spinner fishing we will anchor next to a likely holding spot or I will slowly back us down river as you cast into likely holding areas and reel in awaiting a strike. We usually use a 9 to 10 ft, fast actioned Medium/Heavy rod to haul these fish out of the logs.